Mission Statement

“Our mission is to help individuals of all ages and abilities to fulfill their potential by providing quality programs and services in a spirit of love and friendship.”


Dean’s List Academy serves an exceptionally diverse group of people; providing them with the resources, education, and recreation they need to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives as citizens of our great state. Dean’s List Academy has a wide variety of programs for people of all ages and interests. Please take a few minutes to explore our facility. Tours are available during regular community center hours.

Why Join?


Your membership provides so many ways to exercise mind, body, and soul.  Whether your life is about the tried and true or something new, it all begins with signing up at Dean’s List Academy! We have a wonderful community of people here at the DLA.  It’s a positive, supportive environment where you and your family can feel comfortable while pursuing the activities that interest you the most. When you join you become part of a family of members who support the philosophy of mutual respect, community spirit, and love of learning. You’ll also get to know people in the community at large, as we partner with other charitable organizations in our surrounding towns on projects that benefit the common good. And, as a community service organization, we thrive on the camaraderie of people who help out by volunteering for events throughout the year.